About Me

Who I Am

I am a fire starter! I have a passion- fire in my belly and it’s big enough and hot enough to spark yours.  I am empathetic and because I can see and understand you and your special gifts, I can guide you to step into the glorious truth of who you really are and what you are truly able to manifest. I am a cheer leader and my infectious enthusiasm has the power to raise the vibration of those around me which helps you to step into your strength.  I am a translator, interpreting the seeming complexities of life with clarity and wholeness.  I am pragmatic and practical with an innate sense of business and can see the step-by-step path you need to take to get you where you want to go. I am a powerful voice of purpose and meaning that can be heard through the din and distractions.  I am irreverent about manners and pomp and circumstance and deeply respectful of the truly sacred things like love, integrity and inner wisdom. I am grounded in love and compassion.  I am silly, playful and rambunctious, encouraging you to laugh as you enlighten.  I am your advocate.  I carry the light for seekers and those ready to live into their truest potential.

What I know best is how to make small companies with teams of 10 or less, startups, entrepreneurial and solo-preneurial efforts, grow and succeed.

What I’ve Done

I’ve been a business executive and leader for over twenty years. I’ve contributed to the growth and efficient operation of many companies from startup to 200 employees strong.  I’ve produced large conferences around the country, delivering inspiration and direction to groups of 500-700 business professionals each month.  Through these life-altering, 3 day events we’ve uplifted the lives of over 40,000 entrepreneurs providing them with mindset, tools and strategies to create life balance and real bankable results in their businesses.  I was a producer and field reporter for the Emmy Award winning, PBS documentary-style television show called “Full Focus”.  I was also the Producer, Director and CEO for a Production Company called Sum Fun Productions where we delivered training and motivation through live events and multimedia programs.  Our focus was on communication and listening skills, personal success coaching and diversity awareness.  As a consultant to the medical profession, I’ve provided training and coaching on vital topics such as dealing with Death and Dying and Communication Skills for nurses.  I founded an organization called Focus Up Now, which was dedicated to awakening those on the conscious path and fostering life mastery through workshops, media, products and partnership programs. I now dedicate 100% of my time helping clients get what they want in business and their personal lives.  I specialize in transforming midlife crisis into midlife reinvention.