Never Be Poor Again (MZ)

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This promises to be an illuminating conversation about living a life with no fear and harnessing the freeing power of money!

I have known my guest, Michelle Read, for nearly 10 years. Michelle is in the top 1% of Real Estate Consultants across Canada. She is not only wildly successful financially, but she’s beautiful, spirited, travels the world, runs marathons, owns properties in Mexico and Panama, loves adventure, takes risks and lives a fantastically HUGE life. I witness her as living in what I call “Inspired Momentum”.

I’ve always been curious about what makes this woman operate, so I am beyond excited to have this time to find out. Her childhood roots of extreme poverty have something to do with her determination to be wealthy and successful. In this interview she’ll share with us her personal transformation; from lonely and obsessed with success… to living a life of passion and purpose.

Michelle brings a unique understanding of money and what it means. Her ultimate mission is to teach financial literacy to children and young adults that live in deeply impoverished areas of the world.

I’m Meshell Zwicker, Business/Life Coach & Firestarter at To get affordable help from me, check out my “Get IT Done in 30 Days Challenge”, a monthly group coaching & accountability program. Only $150 for first-timers. I’m airing through under the collaborative

What if Your Clutter Is Why You Feel So Stuck? (MZ)

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CLUTTER – How long have you been thinking about cleaning up the clutter in your home, your office, your car, your garage, your closets, your attic or your yard?

In Feng Shui terms, too much stuff quickly turns a home “yin” and that makes energy turn negative. Once that happens, the circumstances of your life start changing, too. You could say that clutter becomes the stuff that dams your life and stops the opportunities that flow to you. When energy stops flowing, there is a negative impact on our bodies, spirits, and energetic life flow in the form of money, opportunities, love, and enjoyment.

Clutter manifests as excess weight, constipation, inability to think, feeling stuck in life, low vitality, and poor personal growth and movement.

Can you recall the last time you created order in some area of your life? Maybe it was throwing out old clothes or shoes. Maybe it was one of those catch-all drawers in your bathroom or kitchen.

Do you remember how you felt afterwards? Was it a feeling of lightness, self-satisfaction… peace? Maybe it was a feeling of freedom or openness or optimism?

This episode will explore the effects of clutter on several of my guests and how de-cluttering their environments helped them to think more clearly, feel more free and happy. We’ll also discuss ways to remove the clutter that will make your de-cluttering project manageable and maybe even fun.

I’m Meshell Zwicker, Business/Life Coach & Firestarter at To get affordable help from me, check out my “Get IT Done in 30 Days Challenge”, a monthly group coaching & accountability program. Only $100 for first-timers. I’m airing through and

Brain Dump – Behind-the-Scenes Interview with Meshell

Jeff Parker is building a product that includes small bites of actionable wisdom from popular Coaches, Mentors, Teachers, Healers and Guides. He came to my home to interview me.
Here’s one clip my roommate filmed while Jeff filmed me. “The Brain Dump”. It will make you feel calm when you’re spinning out of control, tense, anxious and worried about how much you have to do. It will help you to organize your thinking and your To-Do List.

How to Recover Quickly When Relationships Fall Apart

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Kendall is successful, smart, and beautiful. She has her own consulting business in Colorado and raises her daughter with the help of her ex husband. She thought she’d finally met her soulmate. She said “Yes” and proudly wore the stunning diamond ring he offered her from one knee. They picked a date. They bought a house together and moved in and then it all came crashing down. How can you find anything good from this kind of disappointment? How do you keep the momentum going for more good to show up in your life? Let’s find out together. I’m your host, Meshell Zwicker, Life/Business Coach & Firestarter at

How to Lose Weight, Find Love, Get Rich & Famous (MZ)

What does losing weight, finding love, getting rich and famous have in common?

I’ll tell you what… it’s you and your VIBRATION!

Do you know that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world?

How well do you manage the subtle signal you’re sending to the universe and the people around you?

In this episode of “Get Inspired Momentum for Your Business & Life” I will make it easy for you to understand how to manage your vibration.  In fact, in this episode you’ll have a live experience of your vibration raising. I want you to feel it for yourself and know how it’s within your control.

Join me, and my guests, who will share their real-life stories about how they created miraculous changes through managing their vibration. One of them, Louise Mellor, is on her way to becoming a famous Chef, Food & Lifestyle Spokesperson with her brand Geez Louise. (You might want to get her autograph now!)

I’m Meshell Zwicker, Life/Business Coach & Firestarter coming to you through on Blog Talk Radio.

Is it time for a Brain Dump?

Experience shows, that when you start to feel anxious and overwhelmed, it’s partly due to trying to use your brain for storage! The brain is meant for processing, NOT for storage. When it’s busy trying to track and recall and organize all the things you need to do, it’s significantly disabled and can’t process for you as you need it to.

It’s time for a Brain Dump!!!

To get the mind refreshed and de-stressed, do a Brain Dump like this. On a fresh page in your journal, number from 1 to 50 (minimum). Block out an hour in your schedule. Sit somewhere enchanting, quiet, soothing, distraction-free and begin to dump everything you have to do, and want to do, from your brain.

It might look like this;

  1. Make bed
  2. Revise and recommit to Blog schedule
  3. Help Sonja find a personal chef
  4. Prepare exhibit for Friday’s event
  5. Check in on Mom
  6. Get info. to time share people
  7. Review Dana’s video
  8. Re-seed back lawn
  9. Discuss online marketing idea with Richard and Ellen
  10. Outline Radio Show with guests for 2 months

Just keep with it. You will begin to feel the water line lowering in your mind…breath returning to normal…shoulders dropping. I wouldn’t worry about taking immediate action on anything yet. Enjoy the relief!

Then, as you feel inspired, begin to address the list, one thing at a time, day by day.

Repeat as necessary!

In Solidarity,


Life/Business Coach & Firestarter


Tell me about your BREAKTHROUGH

I’m launching a radio show called “Breakthroughs”. 

I’d love to hear about your breakthrough moment. What was the perfect storm that created the opening? What fell apart first and how badly? What were your thoughts when you were feeling stuck? How did your thoughts change?

What can you share with others to help them break their way through?

Reply here and now or contact me. Maybe I’ll interview you on my show?

Weekly Anti-Toleration Time (W.A.T.T)

A coaching client and I were talking about the things that we tolerate every day and how long that toleration can last before we do anything about it. We might actually experience tolerating the same thing many times a day! One example is a smudge on my living room ceiling where a dog toy ricocheted off the ground, leaving a black mark on my ceiling beam.

my ceiling smudge

I’ve considered scrubbing that smudge off my ceiling several times a day, for over two years. It’s likely a five minute task. Instead I just keep re-thinking it.

Well, I recently noticed the quality of my thoughts as I stared at that smudge on my ceiling. I realized that my continually failing to “do” anything about it was actually leaving a kind of smudge on my mind. Because my thought about it is full of self recrimination. It sounds like this inside my head, “What is wrong with me that I still have not done anything about that?”

These tolerations take up valuable space inside our psyche. Space that would be better occupied by celebration of accomplishment, a feeling of order, fresh ideas! Right? I know you know what I mean.

What are you tolerating?

Look around you right now and I guarantee your eyes will land on something that needs to be taken care of and has needed to be taken care of for a very long time! And it makes you feel bad to even see it.

So my client and I decided we need Weekly Anti-Toleration Time (W.A.T.T) put into our calendars. You might only need to schedule 5 minutes for it. I put it in my calendar yesterday morning and used my time to deal with my smudge.

Get the stool – 5 secs.

Wet and soap up sponge – 10 secs.

scrub smudge 30 secs.

smudge free =) Total time = under 1 minute!!!

As soon as I finished, I felt that smudge on my mind lift. It was instantly replaced by the thought, “Ahhh, that feels good!” I gave myself a mental “check” like you see on your to-do lists when things are done.

This morning as I was doing the superman/banana move to my P90X workout, I looked up at the smudge free ceiling beam and smiled.

So much return on so little investment!

So with my future W.A.T.T’s I can handle that missing button on my favorite pants, the dangling threads of carpet at the interaction of wood floor, filing piles miscellaneous paper and so much more.

I can feel the lightness and space growing inside me as I think about it.

What will you do with your W.A.T.T’s?

In Solidarity,

Meshell Zwicker

Life/Business Coach & Firestarter