Get It Done

Get IT Done 30 Days Challenge

What is NOT getting done inside your life or your business that’s driving you nuts?

How many times have you written IT on your to-do list
but IT’S still not done or started?

How much is it costing you to not have IT done each day that passes?

Is it costing you something besides money,
such as your well-being or your belief in yourself?

How much will IT save you once IT’S done?

Will IT save you time?

Will IT save you efficiency?

Will IT save you money?

Will IT make you money once IT’S done?

Will it restore your belief in yourself?

When is NOW a good time to start?

Here’s how this challenge works.

  •  Determine what IT is…the one thing you’re going to get done, once and for all, in 30 days. (Contact me if you need help with this.) It can be anything… a business, personal, spiritual or physical goal.
  • We meet once a week in a group “Get IT Done” LIVE coaching call.
  • Everyone reports, get’s acknowledged and coached for reaching the 30 day goal.
  • You’ll belong to a private online “Get IT Done” page where you’ll stay connected to your group.
  • You’ll make your promise to yourself public and stay in communication with your group throughout your 30 days.
  •  You’ll hold your group members accountable to their promise, as they will hold you accountable to yours.
  • You’ll encourage your group members, as they will encourage you.
  •  I will lead you all to absolute completion of IT!
  • Your failure to show up and follow through for yourself will be felt by your entire group.
  • No man or woman will be left behind.
  • We win as a team!
  • Each month a new group of 10 committed people start together.
  • $100 pp for each 30 Day Challenge
  • Group call is every Tuesday morning from 9:00am-10am (PT)

Are you in?

Are you ready to Get IT Done?

Click the “Buy Now” button below. You’ll hear from me within 24 hours of your payment being processed with instructions for how to get started, including selecting the month you’re participating in.  Let’s Get IT Done!