How It Works

Why A Client Works With Me

A client comes to me with a desire to fill the gap between what currently “is” and how they want it to be. Sometimes that desire has a crystal-clear aim… “I want to start a new business or be an entrepreneur for the first time” or “I want to change jobs or careers” or “I want to stop taking care of everyone else and start focusing on getting what I want”.  Sometimes the goal is less clear and all they know is they have had it with playing small in life. Usually they feel a mild toextreme dissatisfaction with their results, What happens during our work together?income, contribution, level they’re playing at, health, relationships, frame-of-mind or spirit. Usually there is some part of them that knows their true potential… their true capacity for happiness, wealth, contribution, vigor, love and self-expression. Oftentimes they’ve had periods of ambition and make some progress but it’s not long lasting. It’s difficult to keep the motivation high or even know what to do, when working all alone. Usually everything remains the same.

First, we define your desire. You’ll be surprised how quickly everything comes into focus when you have a collaborative partner to talk, think and scheme with. Our conscious conversations bring clarity to what you want and the path to getting there reveals itself. Through my generous listening, infectious passion and visionary guidance you’ll experience profound break-through moments, revealing inner strength and dreams you’d forgotten or never knew of. With me as your advocate, holding unshakable belief in your highest vision for yourself you begin to see yourself differently…more capable, more worthy, more knowing, more experienced.

We divide your biggest dreams into the smallest, most achievable steps and each week’s victory fills you with confidence, certainty and a feeling of enormous accomplishment. Having an accountability partner who shares your best interest keeps you moving forward. You are thrilled to feel yourself taking action and making things happen.

As we reflect on where you started, you easily see how much change you’ve achieved in such a short period of time. This kind of confidence, excitement and self-assuredness affects all areas of your life. Everything begins to improve…your health, your income, your creativity, your relationships…everything.

With your coach, you do more than you would do on our own, go further and faster toward your goals, and take yourself more seriously.

Failure is NOT an option!
You and I are not done until you get what you want!

When is now a good time to start?

There are 3 ways to work with me:

    1. Personal 1-to-1 Custom Coaching
      • To create rapid and massive life altering results, choose Personal 1-on-1 Coaching
      • Fully customized for your needs
      • Weekly personal contact
      • Tremendous accountability
      • Working in total partnership for a mutually agreed upon period of time to help you reach your personal or/and professional potential.
      • Weekly group coaching & accountability teleconference calls
      • Private online support & accountability mastermind
      • Outcomes guaranteed.
      • We do whatever it takes!
      • To schedule your free 90-minute “Gain Clarity Consultation,” call me at 619-980-0859.

        A significant advanced payment is required at this level of coaching to make us both fully committed to the guaranteed outcomes. This program is only for the advanced client!


  1. Your Life Momentum & Acceleration Program (Life M.A.P)
    • A shared annual vision
    • Your pre-scheduled 1-on-1 personalized monthly coaching session
    • Weekly group coaching & accountability teleconference calls
    • Private online support & accountability mastermind
    • Quarterly reviews of annual goals and reviving of year end vision
    • Help as needed
    • Year end celebration, renewal & re-visioning for uninterrupted momentum
    • Annual fee due in advance
      Click here to learn more and sign up
  2. Get It Done in 30 Days Challenge
    • This is a monthly group coaching, support and accountability program
    • A new group of 10 starts each month
    • Focus on making one significant change in your personal or professional life
    • Start feeling the momentum pick up and stay up!
    • $100 per person per month

      Click here to learn more and sign up

No matter where you are in your process, now is not too early for us to begin.

Email me or call me and tell me what you want. We’ll figure out how to get you there together.

I love you and I sincerely want you to be all that you CAN be and experience all that you can imagine!

In Solidarity,


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