Weekly Anti-Toleration Time (W.A.T.T)

A coaching client and I were talking about the things that we tolerate every day and how long that toleration can last before we do anything about it. We might actually experience tolerating the same thing many times a day! One example is a smudge on my living room ceiling where a dog toy ricocheted off the ground, leaving a black mark on my ceiling beam.

my ceiling smudge

I’ve considered scrubbing that smudge off my ceiling several times a day, for over two years. It’s likely a five minute task. Instead I just keep re-thinking it.

Well, I recently noticed the quality of my thoughts as I stared at that smudge on my ceiling. I realized that my continually failing to “do” anything about it was actually leaving a kind of smudge on my mind. Because my thought about it is full of self recrimination. It sounds like this inside my head, “What is wrong with me that I still have not done anything about that?”

These tolerations take up valuable space inside our psyche. Space that would be better occupied by celebration of accomplishment, a feeling of order, fresh ideas! Right? I know you know what I mean.

What are you tolerating?

Look around you right now and I guarantee your eyes will land on something that needs to be taken care of and has needed to be taken care of for a very long time! And it makes you feel bad to even see it.

So my client and I decided we need Weekly Anti-Toleration Time (W.A.T.T) put into our calendars. You might only need to schedule 5 minutes for it. I put it in my calendar yesterday morning and used my time to deal with my smudge.

Get the stool – 5 secs.

Wet and soap up sponge – 10 secs.

scrub smudge 30 secs.

smudge free =) Total time = under 1 minute!!!

As soon as I finished, I felt that smudge on my mind lift. It was instantly replaced by the thought, “Ahhh, that feels good!” I gave myself a mental “check” like you see on your to-do lists when things are done.

This morning as I was doing the superman/banana move to my P90X workout, I looked up at the smudge free ceiling beam and smiled.

So much return on so little investment!

So with my future W.A.T.T’s I can handle that missing button on my favorite pants, the dangling threads of carpet at the interaction of wood floor, filing piles miscellaneous paper and so much more.

I can feel the lightness and space growing inside me as I think about it.

What will you do with your W.A.T.T’s?

In Solidarity,

Meshell Zwicker

Life/Business Coach & Firestarter