Your Life M.A.P.

Your Life Momentum & Acceleration Program Includes:

  1. A Shared Annual Vision:
    • At the start of each year, we will establish your concrete and measurable annual goals and vision for the year. Our goals will include personal, physical, team, leadership, growth, time-balance, mindset and more.
  2. Your Pre-Scheduled 1-on-1 Personalized Monthly Coaching Session:
    • We will conduct a 1 hour, pre-scheduled coaching session each month with monthly goals, deliverables and an intentional focus, driving towards our year end vision
  3. Weekly Group Coaching & Accountability Teleconference Calls
    • You will be encouraged to participate in a weekly group coaching call, led by me, to report, recharge, regroup, and be accountable to your chosen path
  4. Private Online Support & Accountability Mastermind
    • You will be included in the online mastermind group where you will be sharing life acceleration goals, mindset, mutual support, encouragement, insight, success tips, etc. with other highly motivated peers
  5. Quarterly Reviews of Annual Goals and Reviving of Year End Vision:
    • Each quarter we will revisit your annual vision and goals to determine if anything has changed, if we’re on task, alter our plans if necessary and to resuscitate your purpose inside your life and work
  6. Help As Needed
    • Contact with me as needed and within reason, throughout the year and as our schedules permit
  7. Year End Celebration, Renewal & Re-Visioning
    • At the successful completion of each year’s vision, we will stop and celebrate and fully acknowledge your accomplishments. Then we will renew and reset your vision for the next year, for an endless feeling of life acceleration and self-actualization.

$200 per month

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Requires your 12-month-commitment and fee’s due fully in advance,
to ensure all your skin is in the game!